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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress...and not

Look what I got done today...slippers!

These are Pocketbook Slippers, and they're fast & easy, so somewhat addicting. It's also kind of fun how they magically transform from a little purse to foot-sized slippers. Not terribly stylish, but concessions must be made. So, progress on the Pound of Caring Challenge. I think I might actually use up the rest of the hideously yellow Pound of Love to make more of these for The Pink Slipper Project.

What's not getting done...

2-at-a-time magic loop practice socks for my knitting group's sock knit-along. We thought we'd learn to do this together so we could help each other out along the way. I started these on June 5th. The last time I touched them: June 6th. I think this whole knit-along thing may have been my idea, despite my dislike of socks in general, and I'm incredibly jealous of everyone else in the group who already has at least one, if not more, completed adult-sized pairs of socks. It's just shameful, really.

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