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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Plan B - Beer & Knitting

So, I co-organize a knitting group here in Raleigh with my friends Mel & Deb, The Raleigh Knitting Meetup Group. (And, yes, our name is lame. We've talked about changing it one of these days.) Anyway, we had a meetup scheduled today at one of our normal coffee shop places (we move around a bit). Before the meetup, Deb & I took a trip out to DownTown Knits, a new yarn shop in Apex. It was really cute and had some interesting yarn that I haven't seen at some of the other yarn stores in the area. But getting back to the story, when we made it to the coffee shop some of our lovely knitters we're stranded outside - the coffee shop was closed! This was kind of not cool.

We've been going to this coffee shop for a while now, and we schedule ahead of time, so for them just to be closed - no note, no message on the phone, nothing - was...grr. Not to mention that the last time we went, they had scheduled a speech with a political candidate and we found ourselves trapped & shushed in enemy territory, which is a story for another time, though not a terribly interesting one, so don't get your hopes up. ;) So, we've been slighted twice in the last couple weeks, and are feeling not as excited about this place as we used to be. Unfortunate.

Luckily, there was an Irish pub next door, so we left a note on the door for our fellow knitters (lucky that we were able to scrounge up paper, a pen, and tape between us), and took ourselves and our knitting bags to have a fun afternoon of beer & knitting. The lighting wasn't great, but there was beer, food, knitting, and good company, so not too shabby. ;) And, as it turned out, the parents of the guy who was waiting on us have a knitting related business, Nancy's Knit Knacks. Sounds like fate to me. ;)

And I got carded - bonus! Nothing like getting carded to make a girl feel young. :) This being in my 30's business is giving me an anxiety disorder...

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