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Friday, April 22, 2011

11 Shawls in 2011

Because I like to make my life nearly impossible, I decided today that on top of my other knitting resolutions I'm also going to attempt the 11 shawls in 2011, which technically falls under stash busting, so it's all good. And, I made a list of patterns to complete with the yarn I'm going to use:

1. Chinook Scarf in Cestari DK Wool
2. Clementine Shawl in NaturallyCaron.com Spa
3. Peacock Shawlette in Knit Picks Shadow Lace
4. Albino Peacock Shawlette in Knit Picks Shimmer Lace
5. Stolen Moments in Cascade Ecological Wool
6. Snowflake in Cascade Ecological Wool
7. Summer Flies in Malabrigo Lace
8. Mezquita in Malabrigo Lace
9. Shaelyn in Alpaca DK (bought at the 2010 NC Fiber Fest)
10. Laminaria in Alpaca Sox (got 900 yard at knitting group yarn swap)
11. Montego Bay Scarf in Cherry Tree Hill Sock

The Peacock Shawlette is a test knit for the Albino Peacock Shawlette, which is for my sister's wedding. I'm combining several patterns to come up with what she wants, so I'm not entirely sure how that's all going to turn out.

So that's the plan. If only I was this organized in my non-knitting life.

I've started the Chinook, Clementine, and the Stolen Moments shawl; hoping to finish the Chinook by the end of the month so I can be entered in the April prize drawings. I'm getting a late start, but those monthly drawings are definitely incentive to keep up with it.

Here's the progress on the Chinook. I'm a little farther along now, about halfway done.

And I also finished up this little purple shawl, though it still needs to be blocked. It's actually not enough yardage to qualify for the 11 shawls in 2011, but it's still pretty. :)