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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My favorite mug is broken.

In true you-never-really-grow-out-of-being-a-clutz fashion, I cracked my favorite mug today. For the second time. The first time, it was just a hairline crack, and so I kept using it because it was my favorite. This time, pieces have chipped off, and in true you-never-really-grow-out-of-being-a-hyponchondriac fashion, part of my brain has concocted all sorts of disasters that could befall hapless coffee drinkers from ingesting miniscule coffee mug chips, and is not allowing me to use it any longer.

The Sad Truth
 (Irrelevant yet absolutely essential tangent: I prefer the book to the musical. Unpopular opinion, I know, but there you have it.)

So, today's goal: find a new favorite coffee mug. It turns out I don't have many to choose from, which is probably why I have a few on my Christmas wishlist this year (here, here, and a NaNoWriMo mug, which no longer seems to be available - oh no!). I ultimately decided on this one:

I bought it for a buck at Michaels. But...it is rather fitting since I am embarking on my first ever National Novel Writing Month adventure! NaNoWriMo started at 12:01am today, and I managed to pound out 1700 words before going to bed last night. Only 29 days and 48,300 words to go!

I'll try to remember to let you know how it's going. My blog and I aren't often on the same page, but I'll keep trying to open the lines of communication.

~ Meg

P.S. For those of you exceedingly lazy coffee drinkers out there who can't be bothered with filling up a pot with water, and then putting in a filter, and then putting in the coffee grinds, and then pressing the on button, and then waiting for it to turn it into coffee, and then putting it all in mug, and then having to undo all that work you just did, I had an amazing discovery. That coffee-like substance in my new favorite (at least for November) mug, is Cafe Bustelo Instant Expresso, and it pretty much tastes better than anything I've ever brewed. If you add Peppermint Mocha creamer, it's as near to perfection as I have the motivation to obtain.


  1. BUMMER! on my wish list this year was an oversized mug...we'll see if that happens.

    also, book was WAY better than the musical! so different. did you read the second two books? the fourth (and final) comes out this month and i'm pretty jazzed!

  2. Yes! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! 'Cause I felt like the only one.

    I loved the messed up world in the book. The musical seems to sugar coat it and changed the focus to friendship. Bah.

    I haven't read the follow-ups yet, but they're on my to-read list. I've read a couple of his others, Mirror Mirror and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, but Wicked was the best by far.

  3. The second book is darker and the third is darker still. But good. Just darker and different. Definitely read them.

    The musical had it all wrong. I got tickets last year for Jose and I, thinking he would love the weird darkness of it all, and there was none. Very disappointing.