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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pom-Poms make me happy.

I started knitting hard-core because of eyelash yarn. I picked up needles for the first time when I was 19 and knitted off again, on again (mostly off) for a few years, until at age 24, my stepmom brought home this funky eyelash yarn and I was intrigued. I had never seen anything like it, only having knit with Red Heart and the like. Since that first eyelash scarf 6 years ago, I have been knitting non-stop, although I've moved beyond the novelty, thankfully.

While novelty yarn isn't my favorite, there are a few exceptions. The first is Yarn Bee Infatuation. I used to make drop-stitch scarves out of this yarn for the Heartland Rabbit Rescue craft fairs when I lived in OK. It is super soft due to the nylon, kind of quirky, and always a big seller and therefore a good thing for the bunnies. Sadly, since it is a Hobby Lobby brand, I can't get it anymore since I moved to Raleigh. The second is Moda Dea Dream - so soft, but disappointingly discontinued. I still have some in my stash, but I'm hoarding it 'cause I know that it's all I'll ever have.

My newest novelty yarn crush is Red Heart Pomp-a-Doodle - little puffs of happiness on a string. I ran across it randomly at Michaels and decided to knit a few scarves for my nieces as birthday presents. Here is the result:

Each scarf only took one ball and about an hour to make. Now, I wouldn't personally wear one of these scarves myself, but I loved knitting them. My favorite colorway is the blue-green shoreline and I would like nothing better than to knit an entire coverlet out of it. Both the knitting itself and the snuggling afterward would be pure bliss. Never thought I'd be raving about pom-pom novelty yarn, but there you go. ;) Try it folks, it's perfectly delightful.

Gratuitous bunny shot: Goose in a pile of pom-poms...

On another note, I also finished this today:

The pattern is Baby Berry Hat, and I think I would have enjoyed knitting it more if I had picked different yarn (Caron Simply Soft & Bernat Berella 4 - not a fan but have sooo much of it in my stash). Very cute little hat, though.

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