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Friday, July 23, 2010

Obligatory Introductory Post

So, new blog!

I've had a couple blogs before, a personal blog for whatever I felt like talking about, and a knitting blog, that I shared with my sister. The thing is that those blogs are horribly neglected. I think it was too much to keep up with both, so I just didn't update either. (Laziness, really.) So now I'm creating a clean slate, combining knitting and life in general into one blog. This one you're reading here: A Knitterly Life.

Why A Knitterly Life? Partly because it's fun to say "knitterly", but mostly because if I identify as anything, I identify as being a Knitter. (Yes, with a capital "K".) I'm pretty sure that if someone were to ask me "What are you?", "Who are you?", "What do you do?", my first instinct would be "I knit. I am a knitter." Knitters are pretty awesome, right?

I'm other things too: crocheter, crafter, woman, citizen, scientist, bunny slave, etc. But because I identify as being a knitter first and foremost, this blog will have a lot of knitting in it, perhaps plied with all the other things that make me happy and maybe a little of those things that don't, depending what's occupying my mind. Mostly, this is my happy place to share, so welcome to those few of you who may stop by to visit from time to time!

(Oh, and please excuse the dust *cough* as I build up this blog, adding links, and such. It is very "clean slate" at the moment.)

~ Meg

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