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Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I did on my Christmas Vacation - Part 1: Operation Doggie Dress-up

Meet Maggie.

Maggie was sad because she had to spend her New Year's with her aunt and grandma while her mom and dad went to DC. I decided to cheer her up with a new sweater. Her grandma crocheted the rose.

Being so cute is super hard work.


  1. i want to squeeze that dog. hard. i want to make one for Puggie, but she would just look like she was being punished. eh, i might do it anyway :)

  2. i posted on this the other day...booo Google!

    love the sweater, love the puppy. want to squeeze her :)

  3. Maggie is like a babydoll. Her mom dresses her up all time. You call her over and she plops down in front off you, lifting each paw as calmly as you please as you dress her up.