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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Shaelyn

I decided to put a little time into one of the larger projects in my WIP basket: Shaelyn.

The shawl is beautiful and the yarn is divine, and I really want to have this shawl. But I don't seem to be all that keen on actually knitting it. After three 22 row repeats, I realized I couldn't complete a repeat in one sitting, so it got shoved to the side in favor of instant gratification. Earlier this week I added the fourth repeat. I timed it: four and a half hours. And there are at least three more repeats to go...sigh..


  1. okay, so it sounds to me like you should set some goals. pair up three sets of movies that amount to 4.5 hours, and say you're going to watch one on "x" weekend, one on "y" weekend and one on "z" weekend and then you're done!

    i totally get bogged down with the big projects too. i always try to have smaller ones going on at the same time so that i feel productive.

  2. I should probably do this. I've been listening to It on audiobook, but it's not as easy to chunk out time. I predict an 80s movie marathon in my future.